Floral Arrangements

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Floral Arrangements

from £25

Floral arrangements are normally sold in attractive ceramic pots, dishes or pretty woven baskets, the flowers being arranged in floral foam within the pot or basket and the water in the foam will keep the flowers fresh for long periods, especially if the water is topped up occasionally.

For a table centre it can be kept to a low height or it can be made taller for greater impact - the choice is yours. You might like to add a balloon or some chocolates if that would be appropriate - just let us know!

Below is a small selection of floral arrangements, already arranged in floral foam so no work is required by the recipient - enjoyment guaranteed

Planted Arrangements

bowls and baskets from £25,

We include alternative floral arrangements gift ideas such as planted bowls and baskets and plants in pots. These are attractively gift wrapped living plants suitable for either indoors or outdoors.

Planted bowls and baskets contain a number of small indoor plants in soil, while potted plants usually contain a single plant in soil, such as a cyclamen, begonia or orchid if it is for indoors or maybe a miniature rose, lavender or rosemary plant if it is for outdoors.

There are a large number of possibilities for each situation, so you can discuss with us what is most suitable.